Coffee parfait

       Coffee parfait

• Coffeecake parfait ingredients(For 4 people)

1.5 cups milk
2 packages whipped cream
½ cup hazelnuts
15 oatmeal cookies
1 tablespoon instant coffee

for the sauce:

150g dark chocolate
150 ml cream


Get a large bowl of milk.
Add Coffee and melt it.
Add Whipped cream  and stir in mixer.
break biscuits in small parts & add it to the Cream. Add nuts & stir.
In a rectangular mold put an aluminum foil & pour the mixture into it.
Rest parfait in freezer for 2_3hours.
for the sauce:
Heat the cream in a pan whitout boiling.
dividing chocolate to the small pieces & add it to the Cream and stir until dissolution is complete.
Leave to cool.
After freezing:
Mold upside down & get the parfait in serving dish.
add the chocolate sauce on Parfait.

Now its ready, bon appetite.

   2015/7/4 14:44

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